Design, Connect and Analyse your data using PAASMER’s IOT platform. Get started with the PAASMER IOT development kit and connect your IoT devices Using PAASMER ‘s MISTY Code to Cloud and Analyse your data.

This trial version of the PAASMER SDK allows you to use the SDK for your rapid prototyping needs for 15 days without any service interruption. No Credit Card required.

After the 15 days’ trial, you will be required to purchase a Cloud subscription/Edge license with us to continue accessing your data via PAASMER Cloud. Details of the subscription/license plans can be seen here. We offer support to help you determine the optimal IoT architecture after the trial period. For purchasing the subscription/license, email your requirement to



PAASMER’s SDK allows you to connect any sensors to existing IoT boards in the market like Raspberry Pi, Node MCU. The PAASMER platform is hardware agnostic. The trial build will provide support for connecting sensors to RPi and Node MCU.



PAASMER SDK enables easy connectivity of your IOT devices to PAASMER cloud. The SDK allows communication of all the IOT devices with a cloud. It works with all the popular platforms and supports multiple communication protocols. The trial version will support the Wi-Fi method of communication using MQTT protocol and RESTFUL APIs. The SDK allows managing all the devices connected to the PAASMER platform.



PAASMER SDK makes it very simple and efficient to analyse the sensor data and derive meaningful insights.The Devices section in your web panel displays the real-time data from your IoT sensors.

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